Friday, April 15, 2011


SWMBO and I drove over to Sedona today to celebrate our 40th anniversary.  8 days late but at this age, we wait for the weather to cooperate.

First stop: Tlaquepaque.

It's a touristy arts and crafts center but it's done so well, it's always been a favorite place of ours.  It was modeled after the town of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco just outside of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Lots of Spanish/Mexican style architecture.  Beautiful big sycamore trees dominate some of the plazas.

Most of the art is Southwestern-oriented but Sedona being what it is, you can find plenty of Asian influences as well.

There's also a touch of whimsy afoot, as in this sculpture of a big pig.  A nearby placard says the name of it is "Eat More Beef."

Inside El Rincon, a Mexican restaurant and tavern . . .

There's a group of "guardians" . . .

Though this member of the group looks about as tired as I felt after awhile.

One shop features treasures from the sea . . .

This sleepy fellow appeared to be related to the pig.  He was standing watch over a parking lot, next to a sculptured Saguaro cactus.

It's a very pictureresque place, tempting to the camera . . .

But after a period of walking around, staring at the goods in the shops, one grows weary.  And thirsty.  So . . .

Our visit to Sedona ended with martinis and a great lunch at Shugrue's Hillside . . . and then the drive home.


  1. That looks like a great place! If Dr. M & I ever make it out west we'll be sure to check it out.

  2. Sounds like a nice place to spend the day.

  3. Haven't been there in ages! The pictures are beautiful.

  4. Bug and Steve - I'm surprised neither of you have been there. You won't believe it.

    Judy - It'd been a long time since we'd been there, too. It's a beautiful place.

  5. Cat, there is a mini brewery and eatery in Sedona. The owner Fred Krauss, used to work for the Army here. His wife is German and from the town we live in. One of these days the wife and I might visit.

  6. I'll be darned. I just looked the web site of the place up and discovered that we walked right by it the other day as we arrived. The big Buddha in my post is directly across from it. I had no idea the brewery/restaurant was as big as it is.

  7. What a lovely tour. Oh, those riotous Pansies!!
    Happy Anniversary, and what a lovely way to spend it!


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