Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We've taken to letting Blackwell join us for cocktails on the back patio.  It took awhile.  He was taken, initially, with jumping over into the neighbor's back yard and then, who knows where, until he got tired, or hungry, and came home.  Well.  I didn't like that, even though he wears a collar with a badge with his name and our telephone number.  I would get very nervous about where he had gone and I'd search and call his name and worry, worry, worry.

Ridiculous, eh?

But that's the life of a pet owner.

So I finally put up enough fencing and chicken wire and glass chunks that he was defeated in his escape plan.  So, now he is confined to our fenced-in backyard and he has only us to commune with.

Now if I could only break him of his habit of rolling in a patch of dirt immediately upon his escape from the house.


  1. Does this cat have some dog in him? I didn't know cats did such a thing.

  2. Oh, yes, it's as much a cat thing as a dog thing.

  3. he's not a happy camper. maybe he needs a cocktail.

  4. I won't let my cat outside because they think songbirds are chewy, but when my cat Larry got old, we let her out on the patio with us. She knew not to extend a paw past the pavers. Sad to see a cat turtling her neck out for a good piece of grass like that. She never got the memo about how cats don't have to do what you say.

  5. Do you give the cat a bath after that?


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