Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Let's see how observant you are today.  See anything?

O.K.  I'll make it easier for you.  How about now?

Oh, all right.  Let's get in nice and close.

You should now be able to see the tail end of a dove, nesting in the arbor in front of our house.  I don't know what she'd do if I turned on that string of Christmas lights beneath her.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, these things have taken bloom.  From the number of buds, it looks like it will be a good year for them.

They're pretty but there's one problem.  I can't remember what the darned things are called.  Any help out there?

Update:  The flower is called "Rose of Sharon".  My thanks to the lady who planted it - the Beautiful Rich Daughter.


  1. They are well camouflaged, aren't they? On the flowers...I always look for roses or thorns. If those aren't present, sorry, no clue.


  2. I am hoping your dove is not sitting like "ours" on an egg which is never going to hatch! "Our dove" just gave up yesterday but the huge egg is still there to see, the nest was very weak and very small...

  3. Good to have you posting again. Hate going to the corner and not seeing you there.

  4. Following your comment: probably us "older generation" think the same when looking at skin tattoos...

  5. Those flowers look to me like what we call tree hollyhocks, or northern hibiscus. Our rose of Sharon is a kind of hypericum, a yellow thing.

    Pigeons are chaotic kind of nesters, they's better watch out for all your cats!


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