Thursday, May 10, 2012


This smooth lookin' car should be retired.  Why?  Because it's 65 years old!  It's a 1947 Ford.

When it was brand new, it probably sold for around $2,500.  Restored, with all original parts, it will cost a bit more.

The car is parked outside Empty Pockets Garage in Prescott Valley, Arizona, which advertises that they work on "street rods & customs."

Here's another one parked in front of the garage.

This one is a 1934 Ford.  But I wouldn't have had to tell you that.  All you'd have to do is get behind the proud owners' "set of wheels".


  1. I know nothing about cars - but I love your header - ha!

  2. Please mail me the keys to the '47 Ford. And I don't care that it gets crappy mileage. It's perfect for my Chattmobile.

  3. Bug - I had a feeling . . .

    Stephen - Please mail $15,000 for the car and $5,000 for my finder's fee.

  4. Love the banner pic, and that red car with the fat back end!

  5. Our parents and grandparents would be astounded at the prices asked today for cars of their time!

  6. Lucy - Glad you like the banner. Enough said about fat back ends!

    Keith - Thanks for the link. Makes one think, "why do I ever throw anything away?!!"

  7. Empty Pockets Garage? Is that what you have after you take your car to them for service?

    I like old cars in stock condition, just like God and Henry Ford made them.

  8. Terrific sign. Local?
    The old rods are very cool.

  9. av guy - If you can find 'em.

    TC - Sign came from California via Facebook. Go figure, eh?

  10. Vintage cars are so cool. They give a definite personal statement anywhere you go. That was a great post. Thanks


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