Sunday, December 23, 2012


As I've said many a time the thing I like best about the holidays is the food.  Here's a pre-Christmas meal SWMBO made last night.  ('Course, this is good any time of the year!)

Start with a couple of hamburger patties in a hot black iron skillet with some oil.

They brown up pretty fast.  Then top them with some Cheddar cheese.

A couple of minutes until the cheese begins to melt.  

Add them to a couple of big buns.

Some pre-caramelized onions have been waiting patiently.

Top the burgers with the onions and add a side of baked beans.

Salt and pepper potato chips from Trader Joe's make a delicious additive to your plate.

Warning!  This meal is not for vegetarians.  But if you have a semi-vegetarian you can always add some of Ronald Reagan's favorite vegetable.  (Also a favorite of my pal Tess.)

Ahhhh!  A meal fit for a king.  Or a queen.

And then . . . as the Gratuitous Critters would have it . . . perhaps a nap, eh?

"Ho hum!"


  1. Nuthin' beats hamburgers with grilled onions!

  2. A puddle of ketchup! You can make me a cheeseburger any time...

  3. Wouldn't any meal eaten on/after December 26th be a pre-Christmas meal? I'm gonna use that all year long...."I'm not pigging out. I just get my Christmas spirit a bit earlier than most people." ;)


  4. You had me at hot oil. Sometimes there's just nothing better than a perfectly grilled burger. I hope the two of you have a happy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas.

  5. An American classic! Hazardous duty though, getting those close ups with getting popped by hot oil.

  6. The problem is that pre Christmas meals are much too often too good and that the pre Christmas nights have to be really peaceful to fully appreciate the 24th and 25th...
    Have a nice Holiday Season Bruce!

  7. Looking good. After they are cooked that is. Have a grand time.


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