Friday, January 25, 2013


I love singer/songwriters and I've just found a new one that has captured my heart once again.  Her name is Kat Edmonson and she has a burgeoning career.  Take a listen to her performing one of her own songs - Lucky.

Since her debut album hit the top 20 on Billboard's jazz charts, Kat found herself performing with Willy Nelson and Lyle Lovett.  Here's a great old number with Lyle on the Tonight Show.

Ms. Edmonson is a Houston girl who now makes her home in a town with a great music scene, Austin, Texas.  She has a new album
- "Way Down Low".  If you're an Austin City Limits fan you probably heard her sing the title song during her performance on the show this past Saturday night.

Enjoy and remember the name.  Kat Edmonson.  She's a winner!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I just saw her in December at the Celebrity Theater. She and her husband were the warm up band for Christ Isaak.

  2. I meant "Chris" Isaak. Major typo there. And maybe that was not her husband but her guitar player.

  3. I hadn't heard of her before now but I'll be sure to watch for her.

  4. WOW! She IS amazing. You're a regular talent scout. Thanks for introducing her. :)


  5. I've heard her on the local NPR station. Unique voice and style. The old DJ is still at work in Bruce on the Loose.


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