Sunday, February 10, 2013


First of all let me wish you all a happy new year.  No, I'm not late, this really is New Year's Day.  If you're Chinese.

And in case you're wondering, it's the year of the snake.

Now as you know, we're moving to the Phoenix area sometime soon (we hope) and I wanted to show you something wonderful.  We went desk shopping recently for a real desk instead of the door-and-computer-files I've been using for years and years.  Here's the present set-up.

Serviceable but ugly as sin.  SWMBO has hated it for years.  I have clung to it.  But then.  We found an oak desk at a thrift store, bought it and had it delivered to our garage.  It sat there for a few weeks until the weather warmed up a bit and then SWMBO went at it.  It had a couple of dents in the surface and I wanted more of a cherry look.  She filled the dents, sanded the surface, stripped it, stained it a couple or three times, she put a sealer on it and finally it is ready to go.  It's still in the garage, waiting for the movers to take it to it's new location.  But here's a preview shot of it.

I think she did a fantastic job on it and I can't wait to use it.

Now, if I can just find a back yard like this to go with it.

Thanks go to the following people for this post:  my friend Phil for alerting me to Chinese New Year, my beloved wife for making my new desk beautiful, and my friend Jerry for posting that dream-backyard-photo on Facebook.  How's that saying go . . . it takes a village . . .


  1. In Chinese thought spring is the wood season; a time for growth and expansion Your wood desk and move is going with the flow of nature. Very Taoist. Now if you can find a house with with a zen pond and near a good restaurant, you will have entered Nirvana.

  2. SWMBO did a super job on the desk.

  3. From a thrift store? Really? That's like finding a Monet in the attic or a Ferrari in a barn. Excellent!


  4. Wow. Quite a find. Good quality oak from the looks of it.

  5. SWMBO is a treasure and I wouldn't let her roam too far. Her cooking and baking skills are impressive enough and now we learn that she refinishes furniture. One of these days I'll post a picture of the piece of crap I use for a desk.

  6. I should hang onto SWMBO if I were you - as if you didn't know already. That's some job she did on that desk.


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