Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hard to say.  We have found the house of our dreams (temporarily) and have made an application to rent it.  We have submitted paper of various types.  And now we wait.  Our realtor had told us he hoped to have an answer for us by today.  Nothing.

SWMBO is confident.  I retain my normal pessimistic outlook.  But it is Sunday, after all, and in spite of my loving wife's confident assurance that realtors work every day of the week . . . we have heard nothing.

We have probably two-thirds of our possessions already in boxes.  Waiting.  Like me.  Waiting.

The place looks ideal.  It is very close to several shopping centers that will have nearly everything that we need.  Closer than we have had in some years.  It is a gated community.  It is nicely landscaped. It seems quiet.

But.  We wait.

Stay tuned.  I certainly will.


  1. He thinks too much!!! He frets too much! He whines too much!

  2. Ha @ SWMBO!

    Good luck....fingers crossed.

    He's thinking, "Now where did I leave my clothes?"


  3. Let him think for you... but don't expect to have an answer soon if so...

  4. LOL at SWMBO. Remember what those letters stand for & listen to her :)

  5. Well pal, no one knows you as well as SWMBO! Good luck on the place. It looks and sounds perfect for you.

  6. Here's hoping your realtor has some good news. I can't wait to hear where in Phoenix you will end up. We might even be neighbors.


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