Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We're finally getting settled, though there is still "stuff" in boxes in the garage.  But life is calming down somewhat.

Yesterday we drove into the heart of the city to have our visit with our new cardiologist, Dr. Ashish Sadhu.  I told him I was relieved that he had been born in the United States.  He commented that actually he was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. but he asked me why.  I said when I had booked the appointment I was worried that I might have difficulty understanding him through his accent.  He speaks English unaccented, probably better than me and, considering his birth nation, he didn't say "eh?" once that I noticed. My neighbor is from Alberta and he says it frequently.

Speaking of Canadians, here's something for them.

But I digress.  After several tests, meeting several people, giving blood a few times and getting a recommendation for a primary care doctor we were on our way.  The second doctor's office was only a few blocks away and we stopped there and registered as new patients.

Then it was on to a store where SWMBO was returning a couple of items that didn't meet her exacting standards and then buying several more items for the house.

Then on to a wonderful restaurant, Rokerij, for lunch.  Great place, wonderful ambience, delicious food and drinks.  At the same place is a companion restaurant, Richardson's, which serves New Mexican food as well as a basement bar, Dick's Hideaway, that also serves food from the kitchens above.

And finally back on the freeways to get home.  Total elapsed time - roughly four hours.  As I said to SWMBO "I love this city!"

About that photo above.  It's just one of several I swiped from Facebook postings today.  That's the great thing about the Internet - you can steal stuff from nearly everywhere!

One of the others is a picnic-ready bicycle.

Pretty slick way to go isn't it.  If you put a bottle of tequila in there, it might go pretty well with some juice from some of our lemons.

Yes, that is a lemon.  Not a grapefruit though it's nearly as big as one.

And finally (as my late friend, television anchorman Ray Thompson, used to say when he prepared to read his funny story to end his newscasts, here's a sign that indicates a whimsical way of saying "we don't have guard dogs but don't try to get in."

As I said before, thanks to the Internet and my Facebook friends for  finding all of the photos.  (Except the one of the lemons.  That's mine.)


  1. Glad to see that you two are getting settled in. How about the cats?

  2. The cats have settled down and now rule the place.

  3. Sounds like a productive & delicious day :)

  4. I always wondered what Mt. Rushmore looked like from the other side.

  5. Cool bike. Maybe I need to re-evaluate me feelings about bicycles. ;)


  6. so thats the other side of the Mt.
    great party bike too!

  7. I am bilingual. I can say "y'all" and "eh" in the same sentence. Eh?

  8. You seem to be settling quite nicely and rapidly!
    Great idea for the bike, one has not to forget to put the coktail together in a shaker before taking off.

  9. It sounds like a busy life in the big city. I'll know you are really settled in when you have a new banner photo.

  10. O.K. Judy, there it is! Thanks for reminding me.


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