Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Our area of Phoenix finally got a break from the monsoon yesterday evening.  As frequently happens this time of year it began with a dust storm.

That view is looking south into the teeth of the haboob . . or "big dust storm".  The mountain range that marks the southern border of Phoenix has disappeared.

The sky becomes an ugly sort of brown as the visibility drops.  But then, after these long dry months, comes the refreshing rain accompanied by some lightning, quite a bit of wind and wonderful thunder.

Today is forecast to be clear, sunny and hot again but the possibility of more rain exists from Wednesday though the end of the week.  We can use it but at least now I can stop bitching about the lack of it.


  1. Nasty looking weather even though the rain is beneficial for the most part. It rained all night here in Portland but by morning you couldn't tell.

  2. Haboob was brought to you by our Big Thunderstorms that pushed out all that wind to the northwest. Poor Casa Grande always gets the worst of the dust & wind it seems...

  3. I've heard of this stuff. I hope one day I can have some of my very own. :)


  4. apparently everyone was on the phone talking about it, because I could not get a call through to you.

    1. The wind was blowing trees and power lines down, possibly also cell phone towers. Sorry we missed touching base.

    2. Terrific video, Bruce! Feels like I'm standing right in the middle of it.
      I remember rain like that in Paraguay, accompanied by ear-splitting claps of thunder. As a child, I'd hide under the table.

    3. Natalie, just after I filmed (or videoed) that, there was a terrific clap of thunder that made me physically duck. Like that would have done any good! But I recall great tropical rains like that in Mexico, too.

  5. That dust storm took me by surprise and the rain that followed was welcome. We could use some more.


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