Monday, February 10, 2014


My blogger friend (whom I've never actually met) Judy has done a fine job of documenting a "big man" in Prescott.  Take a look.

Now that you have the history, here's an update.  I think the Big Cowboy originally advertised a muffler shop and he held a big muffler in his hands.  

But in later reincarnations, his hands were empty.

I drove by today and stopped to take a picture.  Lo and behold, someone has a different idea.  Take a look at what he has in his right hand.

Like any good gambler, he's holding the cards so I can't see what they are but from the smile on his face, I think Big Johnson has four aces!


  1. Umm...where I'm from having a "Big Johnson" beats four aces any day. ;)

  2. In Indiana the big muffler man was known as Mr. Bendo-or Paul Bunyan in another incarnation. I think I would have gone for a better name on the shirt than BJ though.

  3. That is a real good picture of our friend Big Johnson. When I was over there the last time, it looked like he had some kind of magic cards in his hand.
    Oh, and we did meet once at that Mexican restaurant where Granny J had her blogger get together some years ago.

  4. I wonder who he was named after. I'll visit Judy.

  5. It would not be easy to check! :-)


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