Friday, March 21, 2014


I don't know why but some of these don't seem as funny as I thought they were.

To begin with, to those of you who are keeping track of the NCAA basketball tournament, I lost out on Warren Buffet's one billion dollar award when Dayton beat Ohio State in the first game played.

But that's all right because I hear SWMBO has a special treat for me.

Actually she's not my ex-wife but that one may have a place for me too.  It may go back to a conversation we had one day . . .

My New Year's resolution about exercise may help me out here.

Finally, to one of my friends (Quilted Dogs) who thinks because I posted pictures of dogs on two consecutive days this week that I may be becoming a "dog person", I must say I'm quite happy with cats.

Here's hoping you all have a furry, fun-filled weekend, folks!


  1. Does losing the billion dollars mean you are not taking us all to the Gato Azul?

  2. What could the kitty in that last photo possibly be smiling about? Thanks for the laughs.

  3. Ok, you win! No cat conversion for you. But it might do you good to leave the dark side for the dopey side; you never know :)