Sunday, April 27, 2014


It begins with a cluster of tough leaves.

The flower stalk that rises from the center of the cluster heads for the sky.

It is said the stalk can rise as high as 26 feet.

As it  rises, blooms form near the top.

The plant whose scientific name is Agave Americana has been nicknamed the Century plant because it blooms only once in its 10 to 30 year life and then dies.  But shoots from the base prolong the life of this majestic plant.

These are not yet in full bloom.  I will try to get a picture when they are.

Meantime, this one plant . . not yet blooming . . seems already to be waving goodbye.


  1. The blooming should be a spectacular show. It reminds me of a salmon, blooms once than dies.

  2. Great images. An amazing botanical show.

  3. Years ago i wrote a children's book called The Century Plant. It was about a little girl who waited her whole life for the plant to bloom. I sent it to an editor who informed me it was the worst children's book he'd ever read.

  4. Anything that can survive the AZ hot/arid climate must be one tough plant. Looking forward to watching it fully bloom.

  5. An amazing piece of vegetal architecture.

    Can't get over how horrible Stephen's editor was! :~0

  6. I love these shots of the growth progress!


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