Saturday, October 18, 2014


I believe I mentioned this before and there was some gentle sneering. But here in the Central Highlands of Arizona the trees truly are changing color.  Here is a selection of photos from my neighborhood in the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains.

The last two are from a Maple tree directly in front of our house. Every day more and more of the leaves are turning red.

Yesterday was cool enough here that SWMBO finally broke down and turned on the furnace. Today it's sunny and warm and we have opened the doors and windows again.


  1. October is the month for us in Northern Arizona to drive to Flagstaff and see the fall colors in mass. The San Francisco Peaks have old growth Aspen; so the main color is yellow. But there are also some red Maple. There is a Leaf-ometer site online for Flagstaff.
    Well Bruce, you just reminded me to winterize the swamp cooler and lawnmower.

  2. Love those colors. I've been collecting some color over here in California and will probably post them next week.

  3. Our leaves are turning anf falling faster than I can rake them up.

  4. Thanks for showing the maple. I saw some of those this weekend and didn't know what they were. Now I know.