Thursday, November 27, 2014


Well, the big day is upon us.  Since it's also Throwback Thursday I searched my photo files for a Thanksgiving picture from my past.  I can't be sure if this one was from a past feasting day but it has all the qualities.

Presenting the Taylors.  Adults (left to right): Me, my older Brother Wayne, my Dad Franklin.  I'm holding Wayne's second son, Tim, and my dad is holding my second son, Scott.  Kneeling in front are the oldest boys, Wayne's Larry and my Troy.  We kind of look like toy soldiers, don't we?

And flashing forward to Thanksgiving 2014 . . .

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


  1. Great picture. Did everyone have that wall paneling back then. I know we did. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Great family memories there. And that poor pitiful cat. I've seen that look.
    Cheers and happy, happy and more happy today.

  3. Super family photo. How are the one still around doing? Eat until you think you might burst, then stop.

    1. Our father is the only one not still alive. My brother is 81, I am 74 and we and the younger generation, geographically scattered though they are, are all doing well.

  4. I'm sure we had a photo of my first visit to my American cousins and they had that wall panelling too...

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bruce, to you and yours.

  5. We had that same paneling too! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  6. Hope you had a happy and 'full-filling' day!

  7. Sorry too late to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but stil time to wish you a Happy After Thanksgiving. I am hoping you are enjoying more of your souvenirs pictures which are treats as much as we are enjoying our Thanksgiving leftovers.


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