Thursday, January 22, 2015


In 1985, just about 30 years ago, SWMBO and I made our one and only trip to Europe.  On the last stop of our "grand tour", we spent four days in Paris.  (France. Just to allay the confusion of some of you who might think I'm talking about Texas or Kentucky or Tennessee or California or Idaho or any of the other towns named Paris around the United States.)

Well.  When an American tourist visits Paris that tourist must visit the great art museum, The Louvre.  And we did.  I was impressed with the room after room of paintings by famous artists. And by the Egyptian sculpture.

(Uh-uh, don't touch, Bruce.)

I didn't get a picture of Mona Lisa because a recent attack on it by a madman had resulted in bulletproof (and highly reflective) glass being installed in front of it.  It was smaller than I had expected.

But I did finally get a shot of this lady after the many Japanese tourists posing with her moved aside.

I asked SWMBO if she wanted her picture taken with the Venus de Milo.  She said she didn't want the comparison.

But here's the carved marble that really amazed me.

You can tell me about the David (we saw him in Florence, Italy) and the Pieta (we saw one of the many carved by Michaelangelo) and any number of other masterpieces.  But just look at this mattress.  It resembles an air mattress in a swimming pool but the detail of the wrinkles in it was just amazing to me.

Oh, and the reclining figure wasn't bad either.


  1. I've been to the Louvre five times and I still don't feel like I've scratched the surface of its collection. Were you there before the addition of I. M. Pei's controversial glass pyramid? I love it but I know many who don't.

    1. I agree with you Stephen. And I'm pretty sure the pyramid wasn't there when we visited.

  2. Ah yes! The mattress. I see you have your priorities sorted out. I assume the Venus de Milo wasn't up to scratch, wasn't up to a reasonable comparison with your SWIMBO. The V de M was hopeless at cooking and other hands-on activities, you know.

  3. Would love to visit this.

    The mattress is wonderful, but how sublime are those granite buttocks?! ;-)


    1. I never even saw the mattress until I read C/T's caption. It is a nice mattress. What caught my attention is usually defined as "Fine."

  4. Paris is worth a couple of visits. Way too much to see on one.

  5. Repeated visits and you still only take in a cursory view. The Musee D'Orsay is another spot that needs a seemingly endless number of visits to fully behold and appreciate.

    I'm surprised you even noticed the mattress!

  6. At the current $ to Euro exchange rate, it is a good time to visit Europe.

  7. That must have been quite a trip. It was fun to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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