Wednesday, April 22, 2015


There is an annual festival of a relatively new art form in our neighboring city of Prescott. It is chalk art, drawn directly on the pavement of a parking lot. I'm always too eager. I went on Saturday, the first day, in the morning.

The artists are just getting started.

Some are a bit further along.

But the BRD (Beautiful Rich Daughter) was a lot wiser than me. She went down and took photographs on Sunday, the SECOND and final day of the fest. Her photos are much better than mine.

This is the work of Lori Antoinette of Palmdale, California, who knows how to protect herself from the sun.

But I found an artist who drew a girl whose name is spelled the same way as the BRD's.

So the old Catalyst gets the last laugh after all, eh?


  1. That's really amazing. Me...I'm the master of oil leaks. I'm still waiting for my medium to catch on. :)

  2. I see these artists in Downtown Portland and I'm amazed at the effort it takes to create these chalk paintings. I don't think I could go to such effort only to have the picture washed away by the first rain.

  3. Stephen beat me to it. What a shame that some of these amazing works are washed away in the next rain storm.

  4. We went one year and it was HOT! Can you imagine being on your knees in asphalt in the heat? If you weren't out and about on the weekends I'd never know what was going on. We are always working. I see that you managed to get the beginning and the completion of the same works of art in your collaborative effort.

  5. I was immediately reminded of my childhood in London (UK), and the many street artists who decorated the pavements (or sidewalks) with their art. There was such a wealth of talent on display, as there is now at your local town.

  6. I like so much the Chalk it up Festival, I used to go to look at the artists and at their dexterity. Children had so much fun too. The last one is pretty original.

  7. I hated to miss it! Looks like it was warm. We have been on a 3 week road trip, not home yet. Glad you posted these and I recognize some of the artists.


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