Friday, October 30, 2015


Most of the rest of these are signs on actual businesses.

Or they've been Photo-Shopped.

I think that last one is my favorite.

But then, of course, there is the obligatory cat cartoon, this week featuring a couple of "Lion Kings" and a little (or big) poke at Chicago baseball fans.

So ends this week's hilarity. Thanks to my contributors and theft victims who make these weekly forays into fun 'n' games possible.

Have a great weekend and keep smilin', Jack.*

*old comic books reference.


  1. There were a bunch of Pappa Razzi restaurants in Boston, not great but decent Italian food.

  2. Love the fractured business names. One we have in our area is Creel's Radiator Service..."The best place in town to take a leak". :)

  3. Look forward to the Friday Funnies!

  4. I also liked Tequila Mockingbird, but many of the others also provided laughs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those were great, but that Simba one is just mean. Heh.

  6. Of course I like the "Lion Kings." No love lost here between my Cardinals and the Cubbies.

  7. Luna Sea Motel was bought by some chain and they took down the great sign. It always made me smile. Hwy A1 Cocoa Beach Florida


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