Thursday, November 26, 2015


Regular readers here may, and I say "may" because I don't preach much, know that I am sort of anti-gun.

That is to say that I don't see the reason for anyone in this country to own a Russian assault rifle or anything of that type.

But hunting guns, real hunting guns, like single-action shotguns and such are permitted in my world.

Not much else.

Sorry, gun aficionados.

Which brings me to my youth.

My very young youth.

September 23rd, 1944, to be exact.

I am four years old and kneeling on the left, apparently holding onto a pheasant.

My 11 year old brother is to the right and our wonderful dog, Honey, is to the right of him.

My grandfather, B.W. Taylor, is standing on the left and my father, F.B. Taylor, is second from the right.

We have all been on a pheasant hunting expedition with what appear to be good results.

Years later, I went hunting for prairie chickens once with my dad and we discovered that I was a natural, crack shot. 

But I didn't pursue it.

Incidentally, today would be my father's 112th birthday.

And, yes, it is Thanksgiving.

But seriously I am thankful for the relatively good health SWMBO and I enjoy and for the many friends and family enjoying this festive day whereever they are.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Hunting and target practice, pass a test, and background check.

    happy thanksgiving

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  3. That is a classic photo! Great Americana.
    Happy and delicious day to you and Judy. We are grateful to the both of you for being "mentors." That was true back when we were a young couple and it remains so today. You both embrace life with zest and intellect. (And an appreciation for great food!) Cheers, old pal!

  4. I so much wish I could hold such a picture with me and my dad and friends on it... these kind of guns are permitted too in my world and I have such dear souvenirs of hunting.
    Happy Thanksgiving Bruce to you and to SWMBO. The dishwasher is already working over here because of the time diference...

  5. A brace of wild pheasant.....ready for plucking and the oven. Here's to you and yours, may we have many more.

  6. Beautiful day even if it is cold and windy. Thankful for sun! My dad was youngest of a family of hunters in S. Dakota. They ate lots of game I'm sure to survive during the Depression. He was never a hunter and got a lot of grief for eating it but not killing it. I have many photos that remind me of yours. I love black and white photos. Enjoy your meal!

  7. That's a great picture. I agree with you attitude about guns. Hunting is fine so long as you eat what you hunt, but assault rifles have no place in society, in my opinion.