Saturday, November 12, 2016


Who is this behind my blinds?

He knows he's taking a chance because he's not normally allowed up there.

He's peeking out at me but also seems to be saying "I'm hiding.  You can't see me."

And then a short time later . . .

"Are you kidding?  I've been curled up asleep in your chair the whole time."


  1. Cats are full of wonders and curiosity ;)

  2. The cat is the boss. Of everything and everyone.

  3. A little Feline drama on Thimble lane.

  4. Our pets certainly know how they can entertain us.

  5. What do cats care about the affairs of man? Once, in the evolutionary line, they were lions, stalking and killing prey on the plains of Africa. As long as we feed them, stroke them when they want, and open the door our concerns are not theirs.

    In their dreams, when they were hundreds of pounds larger, lithely moving through the tall grass, he would have been just another prey, older, fat and trembling.

    Good lord, I can turn even a cat post into political crap, eh?

    Gimme a chance, I'll snap out of it.


  6. You know, our kitties do the same kind of thing. They are really good at pretensions of innocence, also. Re your comment on Ocala: I also worked in one of those gas stations in Minneapolis. The lift and tire repair stuff was outside. No fun in the winter. The girl you mentioned: I'm thinking that at that age, you may have exaggerated her beauty a bit. And I really doubt she noticed you, but then again, you were probably a handsome young rascal, so who knows? Right?

  7. Sly rascals. I miss having a cat.

  8. They are interesting creatures. Would that we could all be so sure of ourselves. PBS just had a good series on cats.


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