Tuesday, February 28, 2017


If you look closely . . . very, very closely . . . you can see the tops of the Black Hills just outside of Prescott Valley have some traces of the storm that moved quickly through last night.

It's not like that banner picture at the top of the page.  

That was taken weeks ago when we really got some snow.

This time it was just cold enough during the early morning hours to put a light bit of frosting on the mountain tops.

But it's 50 degrees now and it should be close to or around 70 by Saturday.

So is this winter's last attempt to cow us?

Don't bet on it.

We had a pretty good storm during the night before I opened our book store back in 1996.

And that came in early March.

It's been known to snow later than that.

Still not enough to outdo the blizzard that hit my home state of North Dakota one year on my mother's birthday.

That date was June 6th.


  1. Well shoot! I was hoping to see an old b&w pic of Little Bruce shoveling snow in a North Dakota blizzard!

  2. Very moody skies!

    We've had snow here in every month but July.

  3. Your dusting looks pretty much like that we had.

  4. Good grief, it almost got up to 25 today. I'm tempted to put a load of snow from the front yard into the truck and bring it down, but it'd be melted by the border....

  5. The weather people have been predicting more snow for Portland, and while I've seen a few flakes, nothing is sticking.

  6. I'm probably wrong but it sure feels like winter is holding on longer down here than usual. I can't wait for the weekend weather to arrive.

  7. I'm not sure about your hope for another cold spell. The way things are going it's just going to get hotter and hotter. The last three years, world-wide, were the hottest ever. We've had a very mild winter. It was 86 yesterday and going to 87 today and I'm not ready for summer yet!

    1. Gadzooks, Lowell. I live in Arizona for a reason. If I had my way we'd NEVER have a cold spell!

  8. It is warm here too but March can bring some real big storms!

  9. I've given up on winter this year. I'd be really mad if I was still teaching, and we only had a paltry 2 snow days! In 2014, we had 21 snow days!


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