Thursday, March 23, 2017


So, Gentle Readers, I've been dropping very subtle hints that a change is in the offing once again for these nomads.

We have been thinking about the future for several years as we groan into our late 70's and early 80's.

Planning on downsizing, getting rid of the accumulated "stuff" of years, nay, decades.

And now, it appears, our hands are about to be forced.

We learned on Monday that the landlord of the property where we have lived very happily for three years is putting it up for sale.

That means that once again we face the ugly prospect of moving.

A realtor was here yesterday to do a walk-through and a look-see and she told us that when the word comes for certain, since we are on a month-to-month lease we will probably have 30 days to vacate.

So that means the agonizing search for a new home that we can afford and the more agonizing packing, selling or donating the detritus of ages.

So that's it, folks.

We are not, as one of you worried, plagued by new health maladies.

It's just another relocation in a lifetime that has numbered the moves in more than a score.

I'll keep you posted from time to time.

Like the tiny leaves now appearing on the redbud tree outside my window, it is yet another new beginning.


  1. Well that just sucks! I hate moving, hell, I hate any change at all. I'm thinking you all are more adventurist than I but still.

    I wish you smooth sailing my friend, where ever you choose, your new home will be wonderful as you will bring wonderful things to it...that and SWMBO.

  2. Well, damn! You've created such a lovely place there on Thimble lane and we certainly have enjoyed our visits.
    We wish you good luck in house hunting and with the packing, boxing and move. By all means keep us posted.

  3. We are kicking ourselves for leaving the tidy condo and buying this damn 2400 plus sq foot house. Thinking about getting rid of it after just under 3 years. I feel your pain brother.

  4. It is better to move when you want to rather than being forced to like that! I hope you can find a nice place that you like even more!

  5. So agree with RedPatShoes above. It's a whole different story when it is your decision, and not foisted upon you. I will miss you both as neighbors!

  6. Well, you can get a nice 2 bdrm craftsman here for around 120K........

  7. Oof - as a recently moved person I wish you both well!

  8. I hope the search goes smoothly, and hopefully the next property owner is a bit more reasonable about these things.

  9. Sorry to hear this. As Erma Bombeck once said: War is hell, but moving is worse.

  10. were looking for a place when you found this one. Happy hunting, and may you have an uneventful move.

  11. gods, I hate moving. I should know, I've done it enough.

    Best of luck finding a new roost.

  12. Kind of good news.


  13. We are about the same age, but settled in finally, to a home we really love and in a good area and close enough to a top-notch NCIS hospital in Tampa. But we've talked about down-sizing. It's too damn much work and we couldn't find another house to match this without paying twice or three-times the cost. So, I think we'll stay here. It's just too hard to move when you get old. I feel for you!

  14. Oh, ugh! Moving is such a chore. I wish you the best! I guess, looking at it from the bright side, it's always a good opportunity to go through stuff and clean out your belongings. Hope you find a new place without too much trouble.

    Our lease is up for renewal in a couple of months and I'm worried our landlord will make a similar decision. It's bound to happen one of these days...