Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Thanks to all of the relatives and friends who remembered my birthday yesterday.

'Course I prompted many of those wishes with my blog post of April 24th.

And for those wondering what type of celebration I had I can tell you today that it all took place within the walls of our home.

I am extremely fortunate to live with one of the great cooks of the world so why go out to a restaurant, right?

Judy, aka SWMBO, started us off with a delicious new recipe for a fresh pea soup, topped off with Mexican crema and mint leaves.

Devastatingly delicious!

Then the main entrée . . . mussels and mussels and mussels, cooked and served in a garlic and white wine sauce.

Typical of the honoree, he forgot to take a photo until there were only the discarded shells left.

After a bit of rest in front of the television and Antiques Roadshow . . . (hmmm, I wonder why she chose that program) . . . the meal was topped off with wedges of a scrumptious carrot cake, my favorite.

Just another great meal.

Now as to my luck with the lottery, considering that it was my 77th birthday, I bought two tickets but we'll have to wait until tonight and tomorrow night to see how they'll work out.


  1. Bruce, good for you,


  2. Sounds delicious, would be especially good with clams insread of muscles, but muscles will do

  3. Everything looks good, especially the carrot cake.

  4. Did you not say, recently, that SWMBO wasn't talking to you? Good food is a very good way of talking! My congrats to the other great cook in the world.

    1. Oh that silent treatment only lasted one day. She couldn't resist my charming personality!

  5. May your birthday last the whole week long!

  6. Sorry we couldn't share that beautiful feast with you. Good luck with the lotto...

  7.'s not gas station fried chicken. But it looks scrumptious enough for those with refined tastes.

  8. I love mussels and usually order them when I see them on a menu. I think you got a better birthday dinner than you would have at a restaurant.

  9. Ahh, mussels in wine sauce, a bite or two of bread to sop up the juice, right?

  10. Oh my, that sounds like a wonderful birthday dinner. I have a good recipe for fresh pea soup and I haven't make it in a long time. I think I'll remedy that since you've reminded me.

  11. Glad you had a good birthday!