Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Governor Kinky?

Let's see . . . Bob Luzius is soon off the Prescott City Council, Steve Blair is back on, along with Tammy Linn and John Hanna. Paul Katan, as expected, finished a distant last. The voters approved an initiative to put any expenditure by the city over 40 million dollars to their approval in special elections. (Read: an attempt to stop the city's plan to pump needed water from the water ranch they bought.)

On the national scene, Republicans elected governors in Virginia and New Jersey (so long, Jon Corzine), Mayor Bloomberg's 100 million dollar gamble to win a third term in the Big Apple was successful, and the voters of Maine turned their backs on a significant part of their population as they reversed same sex marriage. But there was some good news nationally: Whackos Sarah Palin and (my old college pal) Dick Armey and their stooge were defeated in upstate New York as Democrat Bill Owens was elected to Congress.

But the best news of all? Kinky Friedman is running for governor of Texas again. This time he's decided to do it as a Democrat. (As he put it, the last independent elected governor in Texas was Sam Houston and that was a long time ago.) Politico has the full story.