Monday, March 31, 2008

What is this?

Without scrolling down for the answer, can anyone identify what these strange structures are?

They look a little like grain silos.

They might also be some kind of rocket launching platforms.

What are they?

O.K. Here's the answer.

They're just supports for a dock at Watson Lake near Prescott. It's the ground level approach of the first photo that may have fooled you.

It was a beautiful day to visit the lake, which is full of water from the rain and snow we've had this winter.

In years past, there was an ugly white ring around the lake, showing where the water level previously had been and now once again is. The "bathtub ring" is under water this year.

Also enjoying the day were some waterfowl.

March 31st, 2008. A nice day for a swim.


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  3. Cat-A -- just what day were you out at Watson Lake??? I was there for a picnic yesterday & was nearly blown away! However, you got some neat duck pix...

  4. I stopped off there this afternoon on the way home from Prescott. Yes, it was too windy yesterday to even go outside my house.

  5. Great photos Catalyst. Makes me think that warmer temps can't be that far away.

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  7. Mike - Wishing good vibes and warm temperatures for even Michigan.

    Barb Michelen - Damned spammer!!!

  8. Ohh... I love waterfowl. I am also known as "Daddy Duck". But this sounds like Global Warmy.

    I'm not sure if Daddy Duck approves of Global Warmy or not. I mean, anything that improves duck lives, but I'm not sure about this...

  9. A friend of mine (Danny Bananas) who still . . . for some strange reason . . . lives in North Dakota said he was unhappy to find four green headed mallards had found their way back to Arizona. He said it takes food off his table! (He's a kidder!)

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  11. Great pictures...:)

    I fell in love with the ducks...

  12. Catalyst, I checked it before reading your comment. It is a spammer who directed me to an antivirus site. Same one I ran into a GJ's place. You can delete it. Probably the best bet. By the way, I like the pictures.


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