Saturday, June 19, 2010

He's My Man

This is sort of an apology. You see, SWMBO had ordered "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man" from Netflix. It came a couple of weeks ago and has been lying around the house ever since. Tonight she finally got around to watching it and then brought it to me and asked if I wanted to see it.

I said rather vehemently "I don't think so. I can't stand Leonard Cohen. He sings atonally and I don't care for his poetry."

SWMBO said "O.K. Do what you want but just don't say anything more to me about it because I loved it."

Well, I said I might take a look.

May some higher power or another strike me dead. I just watched the whole program and I, too, loved it.

It's a tribute to Cohen and his work and features performances by a group of artists performing his work one evening at the Sydney Opera House. I particularly enjoyed Rufus Wainright (who could be played by Johnny Depp), his sister Martha, Nick Cave, Perla Battala and Jarvis Cocker. Mixed throughout are segments from interviews done with Cohen. The documentary ends with Cohen singing (sort of) his "The Tower of Song" backed by the boys from U2.

It's a great "show" and I recommend it highly. Rent it. Watch it. Enjoy it.

And I take back everything snide I ever said about Leonard Cohen.


  1. The old gag goes 'Leonard Cohen - music to commit suicide to', but I rather like some of his stuff. Thanks for the recommendation - I might just watch that. x

  2. Kitty - I don't think I'd heard the gag but I probably fell into the group that would have told it. I think the pleasure of this documentary is hearing Cohen talking without a script, making jokes, and of hearing artists who actually have singing voices doing some of his songs.

  3. To be fair, he an acquired taste. And even then one must be in the mood.

  4. i don't think i've ever noticed anything before in your posts but i'd have to say you are a bit ornery! maybe that only happens when cohen's name is mentioned? anyways, i got a big kick out of your post glad that you gave the movie a chance because you gave it such a great review...heck, i might even watch it now ;)

  5. Yemalla - I'd have to agree.

    Sheri - What? Me ornery? Have you been talking to SWMBO?

  6. I think Leonard Cohen is an acquired taste, but I am very fond of his music, and poetry. I have a Martha Wainwright CD and my offspring love Nick Cave, though he only sings about 3 songs I can bear.

  7. I'm popping in my album right now so he can waltz me to the music....swoooooon!!

  8. Okay, just wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoyed an entire afternoon of Leonard Cohen, thanks to you! I hadn't listened to my album in a long time. He's such a poet.

  9. Meggie - I guess it's an acquired taste I just never acquired.

    Willow - You have a much stronger constitution than I have. Considering Kitty's comment above, I hope you're not now contemplating suicide!

  10. Oh Lordie, I am more convinced than ever that you are right to call her SWMBO...really
    I have Loved Leonard Cohen since the 60' love love him
    and I love his voice with his music...
    you're forgiven

  11. I never thought I was a great Leonard Cohen fan, would probably have said he was a bit of a miserable git, till I saw the televised concert he did in London last year, and I just sat there transfixed with tears running down my face but in a good way!


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