Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roses and roses and roses

(Note: the photos are more stunningly beautiful when one clicks on them to expand the view.)

Alas, my camera and I have been neglecting SWMBO's roses this year. I have waited nearly too long to photograph them. But still . . .

The yellow and white ones are suffering in the hot sun without rain.

But, I am told, while they may die out . . they will bloom again, bringing color and joy to our lives.


  1. Gorgeous!! Were you down on the ground for that 3rd pic? Good shot!

    (Hey, the new Maggie's up...missed you last time!)

  2. Luscious! Wonderful shots, they really made me smile to see them.

  3. Willow - I was standing. The rose bush was fairly high.

    Yes, I've already looked at that photo for Mag 20. I'm thinking.

    EG - With a smile like yours, I consider myself a winner!

  4. Lovely roses! I especially loved the photo of the pinks and reds...nice

  5. The roses are doing well this year, so many blooms!! Beautiful.

  6. Thank SWMBO and your good self, for the wonderful lush display of such lovely Roses. I can almost catch their perfume from here!


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