Sunday, March 25, 2012


Tiger Woods won his 72nd PGA tournament today . . the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  It's the 7th time he's won this tournament.  Today he battled Graeme McDowell in the final round and ended up at 13 under par with a five-stroke victory.

It's awfully good to have him back in top form once again.

Next stop?  The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, in two weeks.  Guess who the favorite will be.


  1. I for one am really pleased to see him back. I totally appreciate his golfing skills and the game is much better because of him. I hope he continues to play and win for many more years.....:-)Hugs

  2. I am so glad to hear he is back and winning.

    His talent is huge and he is good for golf and sport. He was a fool.....but just because he fell from his pedestal doesn't mean he can't still make us say, "wow".

  3. We love to place people on pedestals so we can knock them off. Then we love to forgive them. I guess it's time to forgive him.

  4. Well, I missed this tournament! We were watching basketball...

    I guess we'll tune into the "game like no other" or whatever the catch-phrase is (I'm sure Jim Nance will tell me all about it next week during the final weekend of the NCAA tournament). Ha!

  5. This weekend Tiger once again proved the ancient golf adage: Drive for show, putt for dough.

  6. What do you think, will the Supreme Court agree with the mandate of the Health Care Law? I really hope so......:-)Hugs


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