Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It was sprinkling here awhile ago.  I went out and stood in the back yard.  I could feel an occasional drop but there wasn't enough to get wet.  Maybe this weekend or so the weathermen are proclaiming.

My yard men are now here cutting the grass.

It's only 98 here now as it's been overcast all day.  But now the sun is coming out.

I'm bored with this long hot summer.


  1. I've been bored with summer since the first day of summer. Wouldn't a nice, cool, rainy day be nice for a change?

    1. Oh, yeahhhhh. I'm hoping for that Saturday or Sunday. We'll see.

  2. I wish I could send one of our nice cool rainy days to you in Arizona, and since we have so many I'd send one to Scott in Texas.

  3. Mike & I were just talking last night about how our summer has been PERFECT. The two previous years we had heat & drought & I was ready for some relief in the fall. This year I'm just sad to see it end.

    (That wasn't gloating - I'm just amazed at our good fortune! And if it WAS gloating, then you can get back at me in February - ha!)

  4. Hotter in your new place, but still more to entertain you and the wife.

  5. September 15th is the date when you may open your windows at night... only three weeks left.


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