Friday, August 23, 2013


Even after all these years, even after a week of perfect idleness, even after losing my car manual, even after losing an expensive pair of sunglasses, I still love Friday nights.  I don't know exactly why.  But there are indications the weather is changing for the better.  There's a better than half possibility of rain, maybe even a thunderstorm or two this weekend.  When that happens the temperature drops even as the humidity rises.

In the news, the mayor of San Diego is finally resigning.  Syria is becoming more of a problem for Obama, with chemical weapons warfare breaking out and the opposition a hodge-podge of groups who don't agree with each other or with us.  Senator Ted "Crazy" Cruz of Texas wants to shut down the government unless he gets his way at defunding the Affordable Health Care law.

So there's really no reason to feel good right now but still . . .

So turn up the volume on your speakers, get into dancing mode and rock into Friday night with this song.


  1. One of the things I've missed about being self employed and working from home is that the days of the week lose their significance. But I can remember when Friday nights were special.

  2. Yes. Friday night is very special. Just something about it.

  3. You found the perfect solution to all of this. I wish you some rain.

  4. Cruz is a nut case.

    Yes, Friday nights are the BEST. The whole weekend lies ahead. WooHoo! And if you should get rain, please don't rub it in, OK? :)


  5. It's been pissing down all day. Hope you get some.

  6. Since I'm reading this on Sunday I'm kind of sad - but on Friday I was HAPPY! I try not to wish my life away, but really, by Wednesday I'm ready for the work week to be over :)


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