Friday, November 20, 2015


Man, these weeks are flying by faster and faster, it seems.

Oh, well, let's look for some humor.

I guess you know what that means.

When you see the cat, the edition of the Friday Funnies is over.

Have a great weekend, peoples, and always remember to laugh.


  1. Particularly loved the last three.

  2. A Polish farmer goes to the eye doctor in Grand Forks, ND.

    "Can you read the bottom line on the chart?". The letters are C Z Y L E Z I W K I

    The farmer says, "Read it? I know the damned guy, live just west of Grafton, first name is Fred."

  3. Shoot - in our typing class we had ONE electric typewriter that we had to take turns using - the rest of the time we were using manuals. I kind of still miss all the banging :)

  4. Good stuff again. 37 words a minute...12 if you count errors.

  5. Oh yeah, I remember typing class very well, and it's come back to haunt me today. Remember the "home keys"?...a s d f j k l ;

    Try typing that on the tiny little keyboard that comes on an iPhone!

  6. I withdraw my former comment. I like 'em all!

  7. ELECTRIC typewriters? What kind of rich academy was that? We had the manual version. And the pencil-shaped erasers with a little brush on the end. Or, if you were lucky enough to find it, the correction tape slivers that came in a plastic box.

  8. In the Summer school typing class I was the only male. My father the newspaper editor thought it would help my career. The jury is still out

    1. For the same reason I was compelled to take not only typing but shorthand. Typing helped my career, shorthand was forgotten soon after high school. So it goes.