Thursday, November 19, 2015


I don't usually do a second post on Throwback Thursday but when I do . . . .

I was looking at Facebook awhile ago and noticed a picture of an old television news producer friend of mine from years ago, Rocket Rod Haberer, coming out of a directors' meeting.

I commented that he was wearing a NECKTIE!

Rod wrote back that he wasn't sure he'd even know how to tie one these days.

My mind went PING! 

I remembered a thought I'd had as I was trying to go to sleep last night: I wasn't sure I even knew how to tie a necktie any more since it had been decades since I'd worn one.

I told SWMBO about this and she said I had one necktie left but she thought the last time I'd worn it was at my granddaughter's first wedding.

That was 19 years ago!

And then there's this: for some reason some of the lyrics to a song from my youth have been running through my head today.

(That's called an earworm, by the way.)

I hadn't thought of those word since I was a mere kid but I looked them up.

Listen . . . . and maybe YOU'LL get an earworm, too!

You're welcome.


Should Fish More said...

Gilbert, Guthrie, can't remember the other two. The original folk/protest group. They wouldn't be too happy with the world today.

Catalyst said...

Lee Hayes and PETE SEEGER!

Tom Cochrun said...

It would be interesting to know what triggered the memory of that song, which I barely recall and which I've always considered to be a non sense song. Didn't care for the Weavers, despite their fame and impact on the folk movement.
I still have a few ties, but rarely wear them.

Val said...

We know the George Jones version better around these parts.