Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A couple tips of the hat

It's supposed to be close to 75 here today. Spring has sprung. Right? Well, maybe, maybe not. By Sunday, the National Weather Service is predicting a possibility of snow showers and a high temperature 25 degrees lower. We have often remembered that our heaviest snowfalls occasionally come in March.

But SWMBO is already planning a plant-buying trip and the last couple of days saw her pruning the mimosa tree out front, with some help from yours truly. But for a real sign of spring in the high country, check out Granny J's blog today. She's getting her pots ready.

And, if your weather is bleak or you just need some laughs, my man Tombo has some hilarious videos on his blog today. I had tears running down my face from laughter.


TomboCheck said...

Thanks for the link Catalyst!

You never know, we might have a white easter this year again... :)

Granny J said...

Rhank you kindly, Cat-A, for the linkage. I'll make sure you get a boutonniere from my pots the next time I see you!

Kitty said...

Pah! To your weather. Here, it's cold and blowing a gale. With rain, rain and a bit more rain. :-( x

Catalyst said...

Tombo - I wouldn't think so but who knows. I opened our bookstore for the first time in March of 1996in a snowstorm.

Granny J = Gee, I haven't gotten flowers from a lady in years!

Kitty - There's a solution: move to Arizona!

Mike said...

I think Kitty has said it all pretty well. Pah to your weather.

Arizona is too close to Utah.

Catalyst said...

Oh, no, Mike. Utah is still in the frozen north. And . . more important . . we drink here. Heartily.

meggie said...

Cripes, we are trying hard to keep our cool here today. It has been a hot week!

Lucy said...

We've had a pretty mild winter, and with March and the longer days it started to feel like we might be out of it, then the last week or so it's doen its worst, hail, snow, hurricanes (well nearly...).

Somehow bad weather always feels hardest at the end of the winter. Flowers are pretty though.

Colonel Colonel said...

Every time I think spring might be coming it snows again.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Drat this Global Warming!

Catalyst said...

Meggie - I'll take your heat!

Lucy - I sympathize with folks in live in climates other than ours. We have no wild weather other than summer heat and it's not too bad here.

Colonel - The weatherman is paying you back for all of that football cheating! ;-\

Brain - The Global Warmy is a tricky beast.