Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is President George W. Bush insane?

I keep wondering about this.

Recently, he spoke to some of his warriors in Afghanistan. He said, approximately, -If I'd been younger and didn't have a job here, I'd like to be over there. It must be romantic to be part of a new adventure in democracy.

This from a man who dodged the Vietnam War and did not live up to his responsibilities as a member of the National Guard. The President is addressing people who are dying for his adventure. Granted, the Afghanistan war is at least more reasonable than the one in Iraq. But, what is this man thinking?

What is he thinking when he is doing his soft shoe shuffle in front of the White House?

What is he thinking when he cracks jokes and tells financial people that the economy is strong and he's optimistic about the country?






Kitty said...

Wonder no more ... yes, he is insane. x

Colonel Colonel said...

Maureen Dowd wrote a column about this a few days ago. She noted his apparent complete detachment from all sense of Reality has reached an acute and bizzare new height.

Would not surprise me in the least. Of course, his Mom seemed to think that being homeless refugees in the Texas Superdome was working out "pretty well" for Katrina victims, so maybe it's hereditary.

Mike said...

So he said this in Afghanistan? Wonder if he'd like to be in Iraq?

I'd like for him to be in Iraq defusing roadside bombs.

Catalyst said...

Kitty - Well thank you for clearing that up.

Colonel - I think the Dowd column was what prompted me to write this blog posting. It's exactly my point: he doesn't seem to be in touch with reality. Nor does VP Cheney, as evidenced in a portion of an interview shown on ABC News last night.

As for Mother Bush, I've lost most of my respect for her.

Mike - Bush made his comments to the U.S. troops in Afghanistan via a video conference from the White House. I don't think he's likely to risk his own life either there or Iraq any more.

meggie said...

As a distant viewer of Bush, we see him as retarded in the worst possible way.
As to his mother... well they are both rectal look-a-likes.

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Always good to hear from Down Under!