Monday, March 3, 2008

Republican Ribs

Damn! I'm sorry I missed this: John McCain grilling and chilling back home in Arizona.

Not because of the ability to "get down" with John McCain. But I'd like to try those ribs of his. I have a very simple recipe for barbecued baby back ribs that I think are delicious. But I'm always happy to try someone else's method.

McCain's cabin is fairly close to where I live . . . maybe 45 miles or so away. So it would have been easy for me to drop in. Of course, I would have had to maneuver past the state police and the secret service and whatever else was "protecting" the man. Almost worth it, though, for a taste of those ribs.


Ann said...

I found your blog through Mike over at Tongue in Check.

I live in the Phoenix Valley area, and also could have dropped in on him, but I'm not sure I could sample the ribs if I had to actually listen to McCain! ;)

Mike said...

I love ribs and don't really care who cooks them. I have been known to dive for miles to find good ribs.

I cook them a lot but never like my own--even if they are good.

sheoflittlebrain said...

It's Great to have you back Cat! I love your new look, but kinda miss the thumbnail picture of you on your profile:)

Catalyst said...

Ann - Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about listening to Johnny Mac. (How does he know all those people are "his friends?"

Mike - I'm with you on the ribs, as long as they're not beef ribs. I lived in Texas for awhile but I have to have baby back PORK ribs.

Brain - I'll look through the vast collection of photos of myself (i.e., I'll check the walls at the post office) and find one that will make your day!

Mike said...

I'll eat either kind of ribs, but I definitely prefer pork ribs.

A friend of mine cooks some of the best beef ribs I have ever had. I tried to cook them once but messed them up beyond belief. Dogs wouldn't even eat them.

meggie said...

My daughter likes pork ribs. I havent tried them. One of these days.
It is good to have you back. Love your roses.

Catalyst said...

Mike - I'm with the dogs.

Meggie - you have to try them. I'll send you my recipe if you like.

The roses are due to the BRD and SWMBO.