Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Smoke, are you confused?

O.K. You've all met Smoke, right. He's the one in the middle here.

He's our "half-cat". We call him that because the other two . . . Muggles and Jazz . . . are "inside" cats and Smoke is an "outside" cat.

So, he comes in to visit part of the day.

(And...key to this story...he's a male and the other two are females)

Now I need to tell you that all of our cats are "fixed". Neutered. De-cojoned.

But Smoke. Smoke. What the hell happened with Smoke?

Recently, he has begun to feel the impulses of Springtime in Arizona.

SWMBO noticed it first because it happened as she was lying on the bed with Smoke and Muggles.

Suddenly, Smoke gave a couple or three little chirps and then leaped, without any further warning, on Muggles. He wrapped his front paws around her and began nibbling on the back of her neck.


I think you cat people know what comes next.

But it didn't.

Because SWMBO yelled, threw something and chased Smoke out of the room and soon out of the house.

This has now happened several times in the past week and SWMBO is getting a bit more than a little tired of it.

The other day, Smoke was lying on the bed next to SWMBO when the tell-tale chirps began.

Considering that SWMBO is NOT a female cat, she promptly threw Smoke out of the house.

1. He's an animal.

2. It's springtime.

3. He feels urges.

4. He apparently doesn't know he can't do anything about it.

5. But . . . what's a guy to do???


Mike said...

Perhaps he has discovered cat viagra or some other miracle cure for being de-cojoned.

Besides, look at all those old guys chasing younger women. They probably can't do anything about it either but they keep trying.

We're hard-wired that way.

Catalyst said...

Oh, there you go again. Putting your problems onto my cat!

Kitty said...

That's what happens in spring - the sap rises! x

TomboCheck said...

DaNece has also learned the warning signs, and often chases me out of the bedroom as soon as the chirps begin...

Catalyst said...

Kitty - See Tombo's comment below.

Tombo - See Kitty's comment above.

Lucy said...

Wait till he starts chirping at you Catalyst, then you'd better worry...

Catalyst said...

Lucy - I believe you're right. Currently, he only talks to me to get out of the house or get fed.

meggie said...

Poor Smoke! Gone, but not forgotten!

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Oh, he'll be okay once the weather heats up and he gets lazy!

Mrs. Chili said...

We've got indoor/outdoor cats. We don't have any of the same problems you're experiencing, but we've had a wicked winter here in the Northeast, which means the indoor/outdoor cats have been almost exclusively indoor since about Christmas. They're. Losing. Their. Minds.

Did you ever see Muppet Treasure Island? The "we've got cabin fever" scene? That's us, right now....

Catalyst said...

Mrs. Chili - indoor/outdoor cats do not like to be confined. Smoke knows that an open door is one to go through, either way.

Colonel Colonel said...

Amy's horse has also been "fixed", but he still gets excited by a hot mare. Apparently you just can't take all the "feelings" out with a pair of scissors.

Catalyst said...

Kind of like a dog chasing a car - what does he do with it when he catches it?