Saturday, March 15, 2008

Submarine Races

Here it is folks!

The first annual coverage of the great submarine races!

Well, what did you expect??????

Special thanks to my pal, Danny Bananas, for the coverage!


  1. Looks like it is a very close race!!

  2. I'm thinking of giving you some kind of bloggin excellence award for that Cat. It's brief and to the point and made me laugh.

  3. Hey, my submarine is sinking. I demand a do-over.

  4. Lucy - All awards are cheerfully accepted.

    Mike - You'll have to appeal to the national submarine race committee.

  5. Was this taken during the race or is it the photo-finish shot?

    Contrats! And you really are a Cool Cat:)

  6. Brain - You mean you can't tell?

    Colonel - The one on the left.

  7. I thought so. You can always tell.

    Nice new pic. WTF is it a pic of?

  8. Colonel - A very young Catalyst, junior hypnotist.

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