Saturday, April 12, 2008


A couple of years ago my old pal, Steve, became a fanatic. About baseball. Specifically, about the Arizona Diamondbacks who are from his town, Phoenix.

This year, he ended up with season tickets for every home game. So, from time to time, I get a call from him to come down for a game.

The day always starts at an outside-the-park vendor who sells two bottles of water and a large bag of peanuts for five bucks.

Today, I had my camera with me so we had to take a few "touristy" pictures. For instance, this one with some big bats outside the park.

The view from our seats. They're a section over toward home plate from last year's seats so they're a bit better.

There's a huge new scoreboard and video screen - 14 million bucks worth of high density from what the Diamondbacks tell us. Even with the roof open today, it was crystal clear.

Steve probably isn't going to like this one but I had to show him getting into a Kraut Dog. (For the politically correct crowd, that's Kraut as in Sauerkraut.)

After the game, a picture of your conquering hero outside the park. (The Diamondbacks won 10 to 3. A good day. They also gave everyone entering the park a nice new black baseball cap to mark the 10th anniversary of the team.

And finally the Dynamic Duo, sporting their new caps.

Now, one addendum. Steve recently shaved off his beard. For the first time in 30 years, he is clean-shaven. He has a wife or two, step-kids, grandkids, co-workers and many, many friends who had never seen his face this way.

Funny, though.

I didn't notice.


  1. Looks like a good time. And a free hat? Score!

    The company I work for has season tickets, and every now and then we manage to snag a pair. Good times. :)

  2. I wish I liked sport, a bit like I wish I liked pickled things... baseball does look and sound fun, though.

    I've never tried sauerkraut, I wonder if I'd like that?

  3. Lucy - I grew up with baseball so maybe that accounts for my love of the game. I'm not fond of sauerkraut by itself but combined with some meats, it is a tasty complement. (And it makes the beer taste better!)

  4. Krautdogs... damn, now I'm hungry. Great pics. We used to have a baseball team you could go see, but now the tickets are all sold out for the entire year six hours after they go on sale in February, and you have to get a second mortgage to go, park, eat and see the game. Oh well, thank God for Cable.

  5. Colonel - Maybe you'd better plan a trip to Arizona. I was surprised by the number of empty seats for a Saturday day game.

  6. A great post, in my humble opinion. I'm an Oakland A's fan, but haven't seen a live game since the 70s. We have traded a player to two recently. The A's are doing okay, for the moment.

  7. worldphotos2 - If SWMBO were truly a baseball fan, I think it would be of the A's in the days of Catfish Hunter, Rollie Fingers and Sal Bando. She loved the moustaches!