Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Still Here

A friend e-mailed me today and asked where my blog postings had gone. (I hadn't posted since the 15th, which was Tuesday.) I told him that sometimes one just has to take a break.

Another reason is just not having anything to say. I read a number of blogs and have noted that this reason does not stop some others from blogging.

But, be that as it may.

You may note that I have not posted anything on politics for quite awhile. That is because I just grew (as Barry Goldwater used to say) "sick and tired" of this year's campaign and the way the television media has reported and misrepresented it. In spite of being a political junkie for decades I have quit watching most television coverage of the campaign. This bothers the hell out of SWMBO, also a political junkie. She thinks I'm just bitter because my candidate isn't winning.

So, who is my candidate? Well, I may have a new one. Former representative Bob Barr is the new favorite for the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. After reading a column by George Will saying that Barr could be to John McCain what Ralph Nader was to Al Gore and John Kerry, I began thinking that a vote for Barr might not be a bad idea.

To another subject. I have several friends living in Juneau, Alaska. A recent avalanche about 40 miles from Juneau wiped out several transmission towers linking a hydoelectric plant to the capitol. Emergency generators have been thrown into use to keep power coming to Juneau. But the electricity generated is vastly more expensive to produce. That means Juneau residents may see an increase in their electric rates of 500 to 600 percent. Imagine. Your monthly bill has been $200. Suddenly it's $1,000 or higher. Residents are looking for state or federal help.

I guess that's about it for today.


Granny J said...

You'd think that, since Juneau is the capital, the state legislature would either vote to just plain subsidize the electricity -- or dig into that energy fund that is doled out to residents every year to give them a piece of Prudhoe Bay. (OK, how do you spell it -- the spell checker is giving me the hairy eyeball.)

Colonel Colonel said...

Perhaps it's time to nationalize the power companies.

And the oil companies...

Catalyst said...

I thought of that free money, too, Granny J. And you have spelled "Prudhoe Bay" correctly.

Colonel - Where's Fidel Castro when we need him?

Mike said...

Surprised power companies don't have insurance to pay for such unexpected events.

Catalyst said...

Mike - Oh, they do. Their customers' pocketbooks!