Thursday, May 1, 2008

Slouching into May Day

Ah, May Day!

A day of revolution.

Of parades.

Of spring!

And of spring flowers!

Unfortunately, in Denver, Colorado, the tulips were coated with snow today as a storm moved across the state.

(Pictures courtesy . . . oh, o.k., they were swiped . . . from the KUSA-TV web site. Thanks guys.)


Anonymous said...

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Catalyst said...

Man, I really get tired of you spammers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Snow in the tulips, that is nice.

Catalyst said...

WP4 - Nice pictures but I wonder how long the tulips will last.

Malicious Intent said...

Hey, I see ya a Mike's and thought I would stop by. Nice tulips, I think spring flowers hold up pretty good to weird weather as spring is never known for stable conditions. I hear everyone up north of us complaining of snow, but here in the mid-east....we got one dusting, mild to warm winter...which is very creepy.

Will be back to visit. I see Kitty on your blog roll too. I miss her so much right now.

Catalyst said...

Mal - Thanks for stopping by and come back again for my infrequent postings. Yes, Miss Kitty is missed here, too.