Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday evening

Summer evening.

Whiskey and water.

Smell of grilled meat.

Diamondbacks win.

SWMBO clipping rose hips.

Smoke hanging out.

A trip to the (new) neighbor.

Her neighbor out grilling steaks on a barbecue grill.

Stop for a quick visit.

He's bare from the waist up, except for numerous tattoos. But he's a gentle man, in spite of his unmufflered car, truck and motorcycle.

A talk with the new neighbor about her love of cats, including Smoke (she already knew his name.)

Later, after TV dinners, a wonderful strawberry shortcake.

Nice evening.


Granny J said...

Talk about books &covers &all that! But then my favorite gun nut has never even shot a squirrel in his entire life.

Mike said...

Sounds like a nice evening.

meggie said...

Sounds a perfect evening!! Perfect.

Catalyst said...

GJ - Good for him!

Mike - 'Twas.

Meggie - Except for mis-naming it. (See the next post)

Lucy said...

Lovely, I can smell and taste it!