Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weddings, anyone?

As I was contemplating our near-arch of roses this morning, the thought came to me of how to turn it green. I think I could find some place on the Web that would make me an ordained minister for a relatively small investment. With my papers in hand, I could conduct WEDDINGS!

After all, who doesn't dream of being married surrounded by roses. Just step into my bower, dear hearts, and I shall be happy to commit you to a life of (a. happiness, b. misery == pick one).

And, after the rain, a carpet of rose petals.

Sometimes, my brain just stuns me.


Granny J said...

Go for it, Cat-A! Tears ago, we had a friend -- an ex-con -- who had spiritual issues. He came across on of those ads in PopScience or some such, wrote off and was duly "ordained." And, by Gawd, he began to take it seriously after a while. Started showing up wearing black, with his collar turned around, that sort of thing. It really did his soul good.

Catalyst said...

Thank you for your confidence, Sister GJ!

Anonymous said...

Pasator has a nice ring to it.

Lucy said...

You mercenary old romantic you!

Loved GJ's story...

Catalyst said...

WP4 - It does, doesn't it?

Lucy - Oftimes, the best stories are in the comments!