Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Screen Action

O.K. I finally got my sound back. Know what the problem was? A loose jumper on the audio board. The computer wizard . . . Tom Leufkens . . . found it. Thanks, Tom.

So, I finally have my new computer monitor fully operational. It's a huge picture, which is very good for these old eyes. The screen is 21.6 inches wide. I make that out to be a 22 inch screen, don't you? And it's a flat screen so I finally have some writing room on my desk.

Your Catalyst is a happy camper.


  1. Oh Yes!! These wonderful large screens make everything.. well almost... look so much better, & larger than life!
    I am so sorry I didn't include a pictorial for 'scantily clad'! haha!

  2. Probably good that you didn't, Meggie. I have a Pacemaker, you know!

  3. Yaaaaaaaa for big screens! I've got a big one on my Mac. And husband has a big one on his Mac laptop. If we're going to enjoy something, we might as well be able to seeeeeeeeeee it, I say. :-)

    And I came over to tell you that I really liked your comment in Meggie's blog... that you happen to like the term 'scantily clad.' I was so happy to see a man stand up for such rights.

    His right to like 'scantily clad' I mean. Not my right to be thus. I'm wayyyyyy past the time when that would be ~ interesting. >,-)

    Oh and I like your beard too! I love beards. How come I never noticed it, in Meggie's comments before. Geee, I'm getting slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. -sigh-

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  4. Why, Miss Mari-Nanci, how nice of you to stop by.

    I think men losing interest in scantily-clad (ladies, of course) is a sign of imminent death!

    Thanks for the comment on my beard. The shape of it, as do my photos, changes from time to time.


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