Sunday, July 6, 2008

A lazy weekend

I did hang the flag out for Friday and Saturday to celebrate the 4th of July.

SWMBO did grill a chicken stuffed with lemons, and some thick slices of sweet potato for dinner the other night. Delicious. (The sweet potatoes weren't inside the chicken, they were alongside it.)

Other than that, our marking of our national holiday was quiet.


The BRD went to a luau costume party Friday evening. And the (World's Oldest) rodeo in Prescott Saturday night. (She says she didn't want to go and told her man that next year he could go with his buddies.)


And they went to Phoenix today to watch Randy Johnson finally win his 289th career baseball game in a 3 to 2 squeaker. Randy gave up a home run on his second pitch of the game but after that he was spectacular. Once again the bullpen nearly gave it away but they managed to hang on.


I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Finished Jeffrey Deaver's exciting "Stone Monkey" yesterday. I've now started on "Audition" by Barbara Walters. A couple more libary books are in the house but SWMBO is reading them simultaneously: "Mission Accomplished: How We Won the War in Iraq" by Christopher Cerf and Victor Navasky, and "Late Nights On Air" by Elizabeth Hay.


I went to my cardiologist the other day for an echocardiogram as they continue to watch my heart. There was a new woman doing the test and we were talking about my atrial fibrillation. I told her I had never had any symptoms or felt anything. She said, repeatedly, that she would have thought I would have felt a fluttering in my chest. After the third time she said that, I replied "No, the only fluttering I've felt there was when I looked into your eyes." She laughed and told me I had made her day.

I'm finding I can get away with remarks like that more and more as I get older. Guess they just don't take me seriously any more.


I have done something I never thought I would do: I have set up a MySpace page. But wait! It was prompted by a conversation I had with my grandson, the Army man, last weekend. I asked him to give me an e-mail address that I would actually get a response from. He's on his fourth tour in Iraq now and I'd like to stay in touch. He said that was probably the best one since he gets about 500 spam e-mails a day on his other ones.


This sounds like a letter home from college. About the only thing I haven't said is "Please Send Money!"


Please Send Money!


Lucy said...

I really like chatty letters home posts like that!

Here's hoping your grandson's 5th tour will be his last - must be a worry.

Gmail is good for cutting out the spam. I can't imagine your Myspace page; actually I know nothing whatever of Myspace, Facebook or any such newfangled yoof nonsense...

TomboCheck said...

I have to admit that my myspace page was setup for much the same reasons. My sister went to Costa Rica for 6 months, and only checked her myspace...

quilteddogs said...

So how did you like "Stone Monkey"? I like all of Jeffrey Deaver's books. Heard the Baba Wawa book is good but I can't stand her so won't be reading it.

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Lucy. Grandson seems to have become accustomed to the risk.

Tombo - Well, whatever they want, eh?

QD - I liked "Stone Monkey". I think it was the first Deaver book I'd read. Will probably try others. I've just started Baba's book but it looks to be gossipy and kind of fun.

Anonymous said...

I know you are proud of your Grandson, and you should be. This is the old army guy in me speaking.

Catalyst said...

wp3 - Proud, indeed. And his twin sister goes into the Navy in September!

meggie said...

Nice chatty post! I like those too.

Catalyst said...

Thanks Meggie.

Mike said...

I did a Facebook page, but have abandoned it. Not at all sure what one is supposed to do with such things.

Catalyst said...

Nor am I, Mike. I got a friend request today from a complete stranger who has nearly 6 thousand "friends". I declined.