Thursday, July 10, 2008


Kind of a pretty day, heading into Prescott around noon.

Those clouds do look a little threatening but they're still pretty.

Oops! About an hour and a half later, heading home.
See those mountains? You don't? Oh, I guess it's because of the rain.
A little further to the south . . . you can see the edge of the storm.

And here's what it looks like to be in the middle of it.

The monsoon has finally arrived, bringing with it much-needed rain. But, as usual, it produces some flooded streets and other problems. SWMBO said we got some hail here before I got home. Wonder how the BRD's little red Mercedes weathered the storm sitting in her driveway.
The cooler temperatures (around 65 now) sure feel nice.


  1. My small grandson watched a tv programme about Tornado chasers, & he kept saying he thinks they are 'Cool'. I told him I dont think they are really, & though they may become cold, they are not in any way 'cool'. Did you feel chill when the rains came?

  2. I'm fed up with the rain here - it's supposed to be summer, but all it's done is rain, rain and then rain some more :-( x

  3. I'm with the grandson, Meggie, I think I'd like to be a storm chaser. And, no, I didn't feel chill when the rains came . . I think Arizona is too hot for that!

    Kitty - But you live in England, don't you? I thought it always rained there! ;>

  4. We've pretty much had rain every single day this summer. Easily the greenest summer I have seen in a long time.

    I've about had enough of it.

  5. Mike - You COULD move to Utah. Much less rain there. ;>


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