Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picture fun

Here's a photo I snapped at a Buddhist shrine on my last trip to the deepest jungle of Thailand.

No, wait a minute. That face looks familiar. Let me turn the flash on it.

Oh, I remember him. That's actually a small statue in our front garden.

This is a photo of our half-cat Smoke. (You remember, I call him that because he only spends about half of his time with us). He's pretending to ignore me.

Have you ever noticed . . . whenever you want to get a nice tight close-up of your pet's face, he won't settle down. First he walks past your camera one way.

Then he turns and goes the other way . . . always just out of range.

Oh, well, I got one good one of him sometime back. It's at the top of this page.


Granny J said...

...and a fine picture it is. He's a most handsome cat; I wouldn't mind sharing him on a part time basis.

Mike said...

Nice photos Catalyst--even if they are of a Cat!

TomboCheck said...

Oh do I ever feel your pain. I have so many half-pictures, or blurry pictures of the dogs that it is unreal. Maybe 1 in 50 turns out good. :) They live to torment us.

Catalyst said...

Granny J - Trust me. If you lived anywhere in the neighborhood you would share him. He's a bit of a tramp.

Mike - Thank you. (I think!)

Tombo - But you also have some good ones. They do enjoy the chase, though.

Anonymous said...

I like the thought of being in the deepest jungle better. The elusive cat. No you, but the cat.

Catalyst said...

I wonder if when he's stalking bugs through the shrubbery if he imagines himself in a jungle.

Dawn said...

He is so much like my cat it's freaky. And yes I know how difficult it is to get a face shot... they like to rub the camera :)

Catalyst said...

Dawn - As I have said he's only around about half the time or less. He may be using some sci-fi technique to instantly get to NFL and back.

meggie said...

Of course you already know you never own cats, they just use you for their own ends.
He is such a seductive being, he can please himself about most things!
Hmmn i married a Leo, a big cat indeed!

catscratch said...

I think our kitties are twins.

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Oh, do I know it.

Catscratch - Smoke seems to have twins everywhere!