Sunday, August 31, 2008

American Politics

Announcing Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential pick one day after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention was John McCain's ploy to take the attention of the media away from Barack Obama's marvelous speech of the night before.

But what now? Not only has the attention to Palin been taken away by the oncoming Hurricane Gustav but the Republican Convention is in turmoil, with McCain on t.v. today telling his folks to "take off their Republican hats and put on your American hats." (He had barely finished speaking when I received a telephone call from a friend who asked "What is McCain doing? He was talking like he already has been elected and is running the country!") Gustav has also caused the cancellation of speeches by Bush and Cheney to the convention and apparently shortened the convention itself.

Earlier today, the BRD called to say "Remember how the Republicans were praying for a thunderstorm to wash out Obama's speech the last night of the Democrat convention? Now look what's happening to their convention! They should be careful what they pray for!"

I was tempted to call her back later and sing "Obama will win now . . . with God on his side!"

Meanwhile, back to Palin. I have several friends who live and formerly lived in Juneau, Alaska. While one says she is smart, tough and dedicated to her family, others deride the choice of a woman with so little experience being a heartbeat from the presidency. Particularly with a 72 year old president with health problems.

She also believes in:

  • Teaching intelligent design alongside evolution in the schools.
  • Drilling for oil in the ANWR area of Alaska.
  • Global warming is NOT human-caused.
  • Women should not have the right to decide for themselves whether to end a pregnancy.
  • The war in Iraq is a good thing.

She also refuses to live in the governor's mansion in Juneau, preferring instead to remain in her home in Wasilla, a long air flight away. And, despite campaign promises to the contrary, would like the state capitol moved from Juneau to Anchorage.

I'm sorry, folks, this woman is not playing with a full deck, no matter how many fish she catches and how many moose-burgers she consumes.


Mike said...

I think that the timing of hurricane Gustav is the universes way of reminding us of how the republicans responded to hurricane Katrina.

The only thing I will say about McCain's pick is that at least it wasn't Romney.

Catalyst said...

But she's a female hybrid of Romney, Lieberman and
Dan Quayle.

Colonel Colonel said...

I have this sinking feeling that Gustav not allowing Bush & Cheney to speak at the Repugs convention actually works to their advantage. McCain doesn't have any awkward distancing to do.

However- Sarah P. is as dirty as can be. Thank McCain for not vetting her properly. See Phoebe's page today for more details. Can we all say -TYPICAL CORRUPT POL???

Now, if only the media can pick up on this.

Catalyst said...

I think McCain will have enough trouble just trying to read the teleprompter.

And yes, the bitch is bad.