Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Eagleton effect

For those of you too young to remember, Senator Thomas Eagleton was chosen by George McGovern as his running mate in 1972. He lasted only 18 days, after revelations that he had suffered from depression and had been subjected to electroshock therapy. So much for Eagleton, so much for McGovern. Though I'm afraid McGovern never had much of a chance to unseat Richard Nixon anyway. (Nixon himself was unseated two years later when he was forced to resign the presidency over the Watergate scandal.)

So, now we have Sarah Palin named by John McCain as his choice for the v.p. nomination and the media is going crazy as revelation after revelation comes out. Rather than detailing them all here, I urge you to go to the Colonel's blog and read his multiple postings on the subject.

So...is Governor Palin this year's Eagleton? Will she survive? It's not looking good for her at present but John McCain is a stubborn man. At any rate, for this blogger, politics has become fun again.


  1. She will survive until the nude pics come out. Then it's all over.

  2. Well I e-mailed you the semi-nude one the other day.

  3. Perhaps John McCain needs some electroshock therapy. He certainly needs some sort of brain zap.

  4. He needs to get the arch conservatives away from him.

  5. I was hoping that she would back out/get dropped or a sex tape would surface, but it looks like she is going to make it the whole way through the election.

    There is always tomorrow


  6. Thomas, I am still hopeful the ditz will get dropped. I'd go for Tina Fey instead. See this:

  7. Correction: the link should be

  8. He picked her 'cause he's got the hots for Tina Fey.

    oh brother.

    I mean, sure, who hasn't got the hots for Tina Fey, but still...

  9. I hope you're right it's not looking good for her...

  10. Colonel - There's a Life magazine cover from 2006 floating around showing Tina Fey adjusting John McCain's necktie.

    Lucy - Unfortunately, as I've said before, McCain is stubborn and the ultra-conservatives love her.


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