Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain v. Obama

O.K. I'm sorry. I really meant to keep politics off this blog. For the most part. But I can't hold myself back.

During the primary season, I was a strong backer of Hillary Clinton, which led to a bit of a contretemps with Phoebe Fay, during which we didn't talk for quite awhile. But I'm over that now. Her guy won and I now support him fervidly.

So fervidly, in fact, that I am ready to wring John McCain's neck. This guy, who had a pretty decent reputation except for his temper, the Keating episode, his drinking, his gambling, his disgraceful treatment of his first wife and, of course, his lying ways that pissed off many voters in the Arizona Republican (not to mention Democratic) party. Even McCain has said "Barry Goldwater never liked me. I'm not sure why." Well, hell, John, I think I can tell you. Barry was a man of his word and you never were, in spite of all your politi-speak bullshit about "straight talk" and "maverick". We could trust Barry, whether we agreed with him or not, to say and MEAN what he said. That was REAL straight talk.

Yours - isn't.

But even more so, in this campaign, against a Democratic candidate who seems to be, above all, decent . . . you, John McCain, have been a complete ass. Your arrogant attitude at the first debate. The lies you or your campaign have been spewing forth while you keep talking about how honest and straightforward you are. Your complete rudeness to Barack Obama when he tries to "make nice" with you.

I'm sorry, my fellow Arizonans and Republicans nationwide, this guy (McCain) is running a desperate campaign worthy only of Karl Rove and his numbers are sinking by the day.

O.K. That's enough.

For now.

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local droid here.


Mike said...

Very well said Catalyst. There was a time when I "kind of" respected John McCain, but those days have long been over with. The man is despicable and his actions over the last week or so during the discussions about the bailout have proven that the man is not capable of being president.

Of course, and unfortunately, not being capable never stopped Bush.

Catalyst said...

We can only hope that the current polls in the "battleground" states are correct and that they hold until election day.

Lucy said...

Say it how it is Cat!

Catalyst said...

Thank you, Lucy.

meggie said...

Good for you! I see the man as evil, ugly & untrustworthy in the extreme. Another Bush- but worse!

Catalyst said...

Now Meggie, it would be hard to be worse than young Bush!