Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Signs of Autumn

Ah, the days and nights are cooler, with crisp breezes blowing.

And the leaves are changing color . . from green to golden . . .

. . and red . . .

Some trees, like this big Globe Willow, are still in transition.

And there are other signs of autumn as well.

Note the young man who constructed this Halloween scene even dug a couple of graves with tombstones in his front yard. Ingenious!

But there are other less pleasing signs of the season.

They seem to appear nearly every year nowadays.

Call it "Campaign Clutter."

One candidate for state office used his garage door as his sign-posting space.

As always, clicking on the individual photos will render them larger!


TomboCheck said...

Love the colors.

Hate the clutter. :)

Catalyst said...


Mike said...

Signs of fall there. Signs of winter here. Supposed to be down into the 20's tonight. Seems way too early for that.

Catalyst said...

Hey, you chose it. You could live in sunny Utah, y'know!

meggie said...

We have been having 34 degree days. Today has been the coldest October day ever, & there has been snow on the Blue Mountains!
I suppose the plants will become confused again.
Love your colours!

Henri said...

Here in NZ our trees , shrubs and plants seem confused too -- the weather is pretty inconsistent , cold one day hot the next . Love your Autumnal colours --
Think the Sign " Clutter " to be a world wide thing .

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Gee, I thought you were going into summer down there. 34 degree days we are not getting yet, even as autumn arrives.

Henri - Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear you have "clutter" down there, too.

meggie said...

Haha, I did mean Celsius.It was hot- too hot, then it was cold!
I will let you into a secret too- Henri once had a bit of 'clutter' on his own front lawn! Eons ago, of course.

Henri said...

Still would , but the trees now preclude the possiblitiy & of course our " Clutter" was for the right team HaHa !!

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Sounds like the weather in lots of parts of the world: if you don't like it, just wait 24 hours and it will be different!

Henri - I put up a Clinton sign on my front lawn in Texas back in '96 when I noticed a Perot sign across the street. Next morning, it was knocked down. So I put it up again. Next morning it was torn in half and lying on my doorstep. I gave up. Too many Texans pack guns!